Best Holiday Baking Tools

Saturday, November 7, 2009

With holiday and family gatherings just around the corner, baking for big groups may be on the horizon for you. Check out these four fun and festive kitchen tools that will help you wow your guests.

These cute individual-sized pie molds come in pretty fall shapes of apples and pumpkins. Just arrange refrigerated pie crust in the mold, add the filling of your choice and voila – you’ve got a festive and fancy looking sweet treat. Each set comes with two for less than 10 dollars. Tip: try freezing the molds for 20 to 30 minutes before using for best results.

These beautiful apple and pumpkin-shaped "pocket pies" are
sweet and easy-to-make treats.
Photo Source: Williams-Sonoma

Cooking breakfast for a large group? This Williams-Sonoma waffled pancake pan makes it easy for you to cook up to seven pancakes at once so that you can get a hungry group fed quickly. For mess-free measuring, invest in a “pancake pen” batter bottle.

Make breakfast for a big group with these
waffled pancake pan.
Photo Source: Williams-Sonoma

These colorful fall pie cutters are cute accessories to dress up any pumpkin pie with fun shapes like leaves and acorns. Add a few cut pieces of pie dough for a special touch or go all out for a fun leaf-topped creation.

These little leaf and acorn-shaped pie crust cutters
can add a personalized touch to a tasty pumpkin pie.
Photo Source: Williams-Sonoma

This acorn cakelet pan is perfect for baking fun festive fall bite-sized acorn-shaped breads or cakes. If you’re partial to pumpkins instead, check out the pumpkin patch pan, which also offers perfect presentation of fall baked goodies.

Create acorn cakelets made of cornbread, muffin mix
or any other bread or cake mix you desire.
Photo Source: Williams-Sonoma

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