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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I'm excited to announce that I've joined a team of CakeSpy Gumshoes, a network of food writers and lovers of baked goodies and treats of all types who to seek out sweetness in every day life! My first CakeSpy post was on Amelie's French Bakery & Cafe, a sweet spot in the heart of NoDa in Charlotte that offers tempting desserts around the clock as a 24/7 bakery.

CakeSpy is a blog that has a great recipes, bakery reviews, and more!
It's pretty much guaranteed to add sweetness to your day.
Photo Source: CakeSpy

It seems that Charlotteans agree with me that Amelie's is a delicious and even divine experience, not to mention its chic decor. Amelie's is the recent winner of the "Best Dessert Award" at the 2009 Taste of Charlotte and has been recognized by the Charlotte Observer for offering one of food editor Kathleen Purvis' favorite Charlotte foods -- a salted caramel brownie (and yes it is as delicious and decadent as it sounds).

Antique furniture and cozy oversized armchairs are
a part of Amelie's fun environment that's a haven
for Charlotteans of all callings.
Photo Source: Self

I recommend dropping in at Amelie's whether to sample a croissant or colossal muffin for breakfast, a tartine or cup of hot soup for lunch or dinner or for a late-night pastry, fruit tart or torte. If you live in the SouthPark area, a Slice of Amelie's, a smaller albeit still delicious version of the beloved bakery, has opened in Cafe Monte Bistro near Phillips Place.

And as for CakeSpy, those with a sweet tooth should be sure to surf around their site as they offer a wealth of resources on bakeries across the country in addition to fun cupcake art and cartoons, delicious recipes and more! I myself have drooled over many a CakeSpy post, including the following Cookie Cake Pie recipe that I made recently for my fiance's birthday. It was a tasty and indulgent treat combining the best aspects of cookie, cake and pie!

Cookie Cake Pie is just one example of a creative and
delicious CakeSpy dessert!
Photo Source: CakeSpy


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