The Turkey Tango: What Wine Is Best to Serve on Thanksgiving?

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

With Thanksgiving only a day away, you’re probably finalizing your menu and are picking up the last few items for your meal. Among the items on your list may be picking up beverages for your guests. So the question is what wines pair with a meal with so many different complex tastes?

This can get particularly tricky if you’re entertaining a large group that may have a variety of preferences and tastes. While the answers to this debate range far and wide, but there are a couple points that most winos seem to be in agreement on – keep it simple and offer a variety of options if you’re expecting a crowd.

From spicy pumpkin pie to rich, creamy mashed potatoes and tart cranberries, leave the meal’s bold flavors to the food that you’re serving. By sticking to a non-oaky wine that’s light-bodied and well-balanced, you’ll avoid picking a wine that could clash or compete. Keeping it on the lighter side is also helpful since guests will likely be enjoying large portions and won’t want a heavy wine contributing to their after-meal fullness.

Some wine experts say that Thanksgiving may be the most complex
meal to make wine selections for.
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If you’re expecting a group, plan to offer some red and white choices. For the white, steer clear of oaky, rich Chardonnays and opt for a smooth Sauvignon Blanc or a Riesling if you’d like something a bit sweeter. Cava or champagne can also be a great option I’d highly recommend because it will almost always complement the food you’re serving and it’s a nice light alternative that people often overlook. If red if your preference, a fruity Pinot Noir, a light Zinfadel or a Beaujolais come highly recommended along with Chianti and some blends of Cabernet Sauvignon, although be of varieties that are oaky or have too high of an alcohol content.

Or, if your guests prefer beer with their Thanksgiving feast, try amber ale, a lager like Oktoberfest or brown or golden ale with traditional turkey. Spiced ale or a winter lager are also great pairs with pumpkin pie!

Above all, let the number of guests, budget and preferences guide your picks and enjoy the holiday with friends and family!


AnaVar said...

I never complicate! I have my favourite red and white wine and some beer and everybody are always happy and satisfied! :)

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