Summertime Sweets

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Now that summer is here, cookouts, picnics and other outdoor food-themed gatherings may be a mainstay in your world. So what culinary concoction should you bring to your next potluck event? Well, let me share my top five summer dessert dishes with you. 

Whether you're new to the neighborhood or you're spending time with childhood friends you've known forever, they'll be sure to thank you and be impressed if you prepare one of these memorable delights.

A marriage of sweet and salty, crunchy and creamy, makes this dessert a delicious and cool summertime treat that will disappear before your eyes! I always have at least one request for this recipe, so be prepared to give it out after you've baked it for friends and family! Note: this recipe can also be created with strawberries instead of raspberries.

With a raspberry Jello top layer, a cream cheese and 
confectioner's sugar center and a crust of pretzels, pecans, 
butter and sugar, this treat is a triple threat!
Photo Source: Recipe Tips

Calling all chocoholics, this sweet-tooth satisfier is a twist on tradition pudding and fruit trifles. Layer chewy chocolately brownies soaked in chocolate pudding with layers of Cool Whip and chocolate bar pieces! A sure crowd pleaser.

Chocolate trifle is best served layered in a clear trifle dish with a 
serving utensil fit for scooping.
Photo Source: Allrecipes

What could be more satisfying than warm homemade cobbler made with fresh fruit and topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream? Use any type of fruit of your choosing whether fresh or frozen. I made this recipe using the tips provided under the first comment made by Adrienne C. It turned out well with frozen blueberries and fresh blackberries, so pick whatever fruit that you wish. My fiance asked me to make a second time the next night!

Pick up a quart of fresh berries from the farmer's market 
to make this savory homemade dessert.
Photo Source: Betty Crocker

This easy, kid-friendly concotion can be created with fruit of your choosing, just like cobbler. Blueberries, strawberries and kiwi are just a few of my favorite toppings to add to the cream cheese sauce and sugar cookie crust! Note: I do not use apple jelly as this recipe calls for, so it's an optional ingredient that can be left out. 

A colorful addition to any table, fruit pizza is a fun creation that 
rivals it's pepperoni and cheese counterpart.
Photo Source: Self

This treat is moist and sweet but not overpowering. The fresh citrus flavor and creamy icing makes it a comparitively lighter option to share. 

This recipe can also make for a great birthday treat!
Photo Source: Allrecipes


Virginia said...

Mmmmmmmmm gurl! :)

Lauren said...

The raspberry pretzel salad is my favorite! Delicious! Now I want to make it right now! :) The rest of the recipes look quite tasty too - will have to try those soon.

Shannon said...

Thanks, Lauren! We should have a potluck lunch at work soon so we can all swap some tasty treats :)

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