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Sunday, June 28, 2009

In spending a week on Hilton Head Island, SC, I encountered a variety of culinary delights, the best of which naturally included tasty treasures from the sea. But of all the restaurants and meals enjoyed, there's one that by far stands out as the "best of the best" -- The Jazz Corner.

The Jazz Corner, an upscale club and restaurant in Hilton Head, recently celebrated a decade of serving up a variety of divine gourmet dishes running the surf and turf gammet with a dash of Southern-inspired flavor. I knew we were in for a real treat when the colloquial wait staff seated us at a table for two right in front of the stage!

First we split a mouthwatering and beautifully presented garlic bruchetta, which had soft and creamy mozzarella along with a blend of roasted tomatoes, olives and eggplant caviar on toasted crusty bread.

I sipped on a complimentary Prelude to a Hershey's Kiss Martini while soaking in the soulful swing and Big Band tunes that beckoned listeners to return to a different time. Although the atmosphere of the restaurant was intimate and candlelit, the crowd seemed to be connected and even moved by the music turning strangers into friends and acquaintances.

The band of the hour, the Bobby Ryder Quartet, took the stage and launched into a reportoire of old favorites including "It Had to Be You" and "New York, New York." One of my favorite parts of the performance was when lead singer and saxophonist Bobby Ryder played two saxophones at the same time! You can watch the impressive performance for yourself here. Jazz Club owner, Bob Mastellar, also took the stage several times throughout the evening to play duets with Ryder's band on his coronet.

Bobby Ryder plays duel saxophones during a performance of
"Night Train" at the Jazz Corner.
Photo Source: Self

Our entrees along with the music made the meal simply unforgettable. I savored grilled sea scallops and shrimp with baby spinach cream and sweet corn served atop cheddar grits and shoestring sweet potatoes. Kris indulged in the crab cakes, which were large portions of lump crab meat served with sweet corn cream, lime creme fraiche, edamame succotash, applewood smoked bacon and sweet potato hash.

To top off the evening, our waiter brought us a complimentary slice of Tres Leches Cake in celebration of Kris' birthday. Words cannot begin to describe this unique dessert. Soaked in three different types of milk and topped with strawberries, the cake is of Latin origin although variations of it have been adopted all over the world. Now I'm on a quest to find a recipe to replicate this delicious dessert although I know I'll never perfect it as the Jazz Corner certainly has.

A newly discovered love, Tres Leches Cake is soaked
in three types of milk and often is served with fruit.
Photo Source: iFoodie

Overall, if you are a fan of jazz music or if you just enjoy a good meal and live entertainment, you'll have a night to remember if you dine at this delightful restaurant!


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