Add Bling to Your Bouquet

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Wedding rings aren't the only type of bling at weddings these days. A recent trend among brides is to add crystals or rhinestones to your bouquet for an extra bit of sparkle and flare. Like most jewelry, these funky additions come in all different styles to fit your wedding theme, formality and colors. Add a rhinestone starfish, sandal or palm tree to your pre-vow swapping arm candy for a wedding by the sea. A pretty bumblee might be the perfect addition for a spring or summer bride, and crystal snowflakes will add a dash of elegance for wintertime nuptials. Bouquet jewelry also comes in monogram-style letters so that brides can make their bouquets truly unique! If you just want to add a bit of subtle shine, go for simple rhinestone or pearl studs. 

Faux diamonds come in all different colors 
to match the colors you have selected.

This little bumblebee is a fun accessory 
for spring or summer brides!

Check out the High Society Buckle for a quick dash of 
elegance that can be added to any hand-tied bouquet.

All photos courtesy of Bouquet Jewels.


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