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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

One fun new trend at wedding receptions is renting a photo booth for friends and family to squeeze into and snap pictures and poses to commemorate the special occasion. This idea really seems to have been a hit at many weddings for a number of reasons. Not only does the booth provide entertainment for guests, but also the photos can be used to create a nice keepsake for the bride and groom. 

Add some spice to a traditional sign-in guestbook by having guests add their newly-snapped photos into the book along with their names. By the end of the reception, the couple will have an ensemble of pictures of everyone who attended. Alternately, the guests will have fun print-outs to keep and remember your wedding by. I've also heard of newlyweds sending out the photos from the reception to attendees along with their thank you notes, which I think can also be a nice touch not only to thank guests but also to remind them of all the fun they had at your reception!

Some important things to keep in mind if you decide to rent a photo booth for your special day:
  • Price: photo booths can get pricey, but many vendors, such as Shutterfly, have customizable options where you can negotiate price based on number of hours needed, whether or not the booth is staffed, how many prints you receive, etc. I've heard that ShutterBooth is on the more reasonable end of the photobooth price spectrum offering packages in the $900 range although I'm not sure what this bride's photo package included. I've read about other photobooths costing up to $1,500. Be sure to negotiate each part of your package with the vendor so that you know exactly what is included.
  • Quality: not only is the quality of the camera and camera shot here important, but so is the quality of the photo printer, the paper the photo is printed on and, last but not least, the outer appearance of the photo booth and how this will blend in with your decorations, particularly since you'll want the photo booth to be located somewhere with easy access for guests so they don't forget to have their picture taken.   
  • Size: there is an argument to be made that "bigger is better," although half the fun with photo booths is seeing how many people you can squeeze in to fit in the picture. Some photo booths can fit 2. Some can fit 10. Think about how many people you expect to attend your reception and how many realistically will be taking their picture at the same time. Also, many photo booths can be very heavy, so size and weight will also be factors in the placement of your photo booth.
Check out Project Wedding's Photo Booth Rental Guide for more tips on renting a photo booth, and also visit for a full list of questions to ask when selecting a vendor.

If you're feeling creative and budget saavy, you could opt to create your own "photo booth" like recent bride and talented textile designer, Lena Corwin. Tack up some pretty prints, strike a pose and simply smile for the camera! Read more about Corwin's hit DIY "photo booths" in this Glamour article.

Your guests will have fun posing in front of fresh, coloful prints, and your wallet will also thank you! Offer a props box for guaranteed extra laughs.


Anonymous said...

We didn't rent an actual photo booth for our wedding, but our photographer, Kori Hoffman, created a "photo booth" for us. Our guests certainly loved it! The photo booth is one of her standard options - you should totally look into her photography packages for your big day. She is awesome!
-Katie G. :)

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