Incredible Weddings

Monday, February 16, 2009

Last night while watching TLC, my Mom and I discovered a fabulous special called Incredible Weddings. The 60-minute show was full of out-of-ordinary ceremonies and celebrations including rollercoaster weddings (apparently Busch Gardens is a popular place for "destination weddings"), bungee-jumping brides and grooms, skydiving ceremonies and even a couple who swapped vows while each was strapped to the top of an old-fashioned style airplane (think Wright Brothers-style) mid-flight. One adventurous couple married 14 stories above ground while another was married underwater in a fish tank filled with nine sharks!

This photo gives a whole new meaning to the term "bridal party".
Photo Source: Thunder Bay

Incredible Weddings will air again this Friday, Feb. 20 at 10 p.m. followed by a midnight showing. I recommend watching it for inspiration if you're looking to create a tradition of your own that will have your wedding guests reminiscing about your day long after you say "I do."


David Notowitz said...

Clips from one of the wedding videos my company created was included in this show, and I'd love to see the show! Does anyone still have it on their TIVO system?
All the best,
David Notowitz

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