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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Is your morning meal routine in need of some color and flavor? With more than 20 tasty flavors and dozens more just waiting to be dreamed up by hungry customers, donuts from Fractured Prune may be just the fix you need. 

An assortment of delicious and colorful Fractured Prune donuts
Photo Source: Gazette.net

Blueberry Hill, Creamsicle, Strawberry Shortcake, French Toast, Reese Cup and Peppermint Patty are just a few of the fun and even outlandish flavors are true tastebud pleasers. These melt-in-your-mouth concoctions are custom-made treats so that they're served piping hot and freshly glazed just the way you like them. 

If you're feeling creative or are craving an item not on the menu, you can pick from the following glazes, toppings and sugars to make your own flavor:
Honey, Banana, Chocolate, Maple, Strawberry, Raspberry, Peanut Butter, Mocha, Mint, Cherry, Lemon, Orange, Blueberry, Mixed Berry, Caramel

Rainbow Sprinkles, Chocolate Jimmies, Coconut, Peanuts, Oreo® Cookie, Mini Chocolate Chips, Graham Cracker Crumbs

Powdered, Granulated, Cinnamon Sugar
And in case you're wondering, Oreos are delicious on donuts! 

Fractured Prune also sells bagels, breakfast sandwiches and a decadent dessert known as "Hole in One," a scoop of vanilla or chocolate ice cream served on the donut of your choice.

While the Raleigh store that I had previously been to recently closed it's doors, there are a number of other locations including one in Concord, NC.


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