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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

So for today's addition to The Sweet List, I have some fun wedding cake toppers to share! Far from the traditional cookie cutter porcelain bride and groom of yesteryears, today there are a variety of embellishments to choose from that fit your personal taste.  

Fun and Funny
Photo Source: Wedding Collectibles

Dubbed the "Super Sexy Spy Wedding" cake topper, this bride and groom duo is very a la Mr. & Mrs. Smith. It's just one of many fresh and fun options to add a unique twist to the tasty treats that will be served up at your wedding. Check out Wedding Collectible's whole Funny and Novelty collection for more laughs. 

Photo Source: Studio d.Sharp

This beautiful hand-crafted topper created by Denise Sharp of Studio d.Sharp is beautiful and avant-garde. Her attention to detail is impeccable, and no two items are exactly the same. Check out some of the other incredible designs that she's dreamt up for couples seeking marital bliss. 

Photo Source: Chapeau de Gateau

I love this incredibly feminine and graceful creation by Alison Dawson of Chapeau de Gateau, who designs sleek-looking toppers from high-quality Mokuba ribbon that's personalized for each bride and groom based on their color scheme and theme. For more information, check out her site, which includes a fabulous blog featuring her work.

Photo Source: Fancy Flours

This retro pick is chic and reminiscent of decades long past. While the style may be olden as seen in the features and hairstyles of the bride and groom, this vintage topper shows that while many years have passed some traditions stay the same. Fancy Flours has a variety of vintage toppers as does Gulden & Brown Vintage.  

Photo Source: Beau-Coup

This modern and metallic embellishment that features Swarovski accent crystals adds a personal flair to your cake without overwhelming. This is a great option to add extra sparkle. Additional monogram styles are available through Beau-Coup


Sam_I_am said...

I like the one at weddingcollectibles with the bride wearing the pants haha

Sam_I_am said...

woah, mega small world; although, I found you because you had Pittsburgh listed in your interests :)

Shannon said...

Just saw these super funny bobbleheads dolls that can be customized to look like the face of the bride and groom. What will they come up with next?

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